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That was the EXPESS explanation below is the less simple one.

We help our customers feel safe about the cataloging process from start to finish no matter what that means.

By using ExpressLogBook.com the worry of the paper log getting broken or wet is none existent. With our worry free Microsoft Cloud Based Application, instant and redundant back up and access the information entered in ExpressLogBook.com can be recalled with just a few clicks.

Business owners can feel at ease with knowing the technology behind ExpressLogBook.com is all worry free Microsoft Cloud Based security. This web application has the ability to facilitate tasks that would otherwise be difficult. The current way of using paper log book is very difficult to edit any human error. Worry not about bad penmanship or a scratch line.

By using ExpressLogBook.com you will feel good about going green and keeping the paper use to an all time low. No more wasted papers during an audit. Print what you need and save money on buying paper and cutting cataloging time by half.

Using our built in weapons transfer system will facilitate the FFL transfers and keep it hassle free with the ability to point and click transfer.

Please feel free to contact us by email at any time with any questions.

Respectfully: ExpressLogBook.com Support Team

Tech support: support@expresslogbook.com
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